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How to get Bitcoin from rent



What it .. ?? is a website provider that is proven ad publisher pays the publisher with bitcoin, one of the proof is that I already received several times from and also a website that works in Bisang advertising. So if you for example want to advertise something, but you can also also must have enough bitcoin first. Here provide to us (read publisher) all to earn income by becoming publiser or ad from on his blog. pay based on pageview and Click Advertising. So do not worry that our ads are not clicked.

Well functioning blog / website is to provide a place for advertisers from And we as the owner of the blog / website and publisher will get a commission from and our commission is calculated based on the number of clicks to our blog visitors who click on ads from earlier and based also on ad impressions

Impression is whenever users to open a specific web page, one page view would be counted impressions. eg blog / website that advertise on earlier, then visited by visitors blog / website you then open a blog article / website it had already counted first impression, and we also as a publisher advertising-ads also paid for the impression. So do not worry if we do not clicked an ad at all of our visitors. And the pay is not dollars but bitcoin

Use this as a program you are lovers of the blog / website like mine. a-ads advertising program is very fit, maybe you are disappointed because google adsense account banned. And a-ads may be dijadiin the right solution, but not dollars but paid in the form of Bitcoin. Interested..??

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